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Carla Pregigueiro

Female / 10 Years Experience
16 Reviews


  • Postgraduate Diploma Managing of Sports Centers -University of La Coruña (Spain)
  • Degree in Foreign Language Education English -University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport -University of León (Spain)
  • Degree in Physical Education -University of León (Spain)
  • Sport nutrition studies -Doctor Antonio Hernandez Clínica Plenitud España (Madrid)
  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation EEM-Body Certificated-Juanjo Rodríguez Centro Azca
  • Diving Course-FEDA Valladolid (Spain)
  • TRX and Personal Training Certificate-Supera León (Spain)
  • Instructor of Leon Title Fight, Free and Greco-Roman-University of León (Spain)
  • Title Aerobics Instructor and Guided Activities-FEDA León (Spain)
  • Title of Top Bodybuilding Trainer, Workout and Fitness-University of León (Spain)
  • Aquatic Rescue Instructor-Federation of Castilla y León Rescue León (Spain)
  • Recreation Instructor-Alquite Company León (Spain)
  • Lifeguard Title-Federation of Castilla y León Rescue Ponferrada, León (Spain)
  • Swim Instructor Title-Junta de Castilla y Leon. Ponferrada, León (Spain)
  • First level of English in Language School-Language School in Ponferrada, León (Spain)

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16 reviews on “Carla Pregigueiro

  • Avatar

    Really great professional who knows how to motivate. Awesome training programs and knowledge in nutritional stuff.

    I lost 45 kg following her advices and I can only just to recommend her for anyone who wants to improve his o her healthy life.

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Highly recommended personal trainer. Enable to keep you motivated at all times, not just while working out . At the same time, she manage to make the sessions more fun and when it has to become tough she will push you and encourage you to reach your goal other lots of energy.
    The way she program your sessions are acording to your demand and the quality of them is excellent. Not to mention she has lots of experience in the field and she loves it, likewise all together make a valuable and reliable personal trainer.

  • Avatar

    Very professional. She can adapt to your needs.
    Full proficiency of exercises and huge variety so it’s nice to train with her.
    I strongly recommend her for all disciplines.

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Great knowledge and experienced. She will help you achive your goals very quickly! She is a great motivator aswell!!

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Best trainer ever. It was a pleasure to work one on one with Carla. She is very easy going person, smart, she has wonderful personality and she knows how to push you beyond your thoughts what you could or couldn’t. She helped me a lot with my preparation for FIFA fitness test even sometimes when I was busy at work she was waking up at 4am just to train with me. I’m happy to know and work with her and fully recommend to all of you.

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Carla is a very profesional trainer. She made me love the sport because she convert it into a very fun experience. I really recommend her!

  • Avatar

    Carla is a fantastic professional personal trainer, a role model in this field . As well as being a great motivator, she explains clearly what to do and always ensures that the activities are varied challenging but fun at the same time. If only all classes were like hers. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

  • Avatar

    Great professional and awesome trainer who loves sport and make you love it too.
    Admirable woman.
    Really recommend

  • Avatar

    I highly recommend Carla as a personal trainer, she has the most explosive and dynamic talent I have ever seen. Her personality always shines out and for sure she is going to help you achieve your goals.
    To be honest she is hilarious!!!

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    She is an amazing professional and so enthusiastic that motivate you to go on even when everything is against. She puts so much passion in what she does. Highly recommended!

  • Avatar

    Training with Carla will never be boring!
    Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious, not to mention her expertise in the field of sport and nutrition. If you are looking for a person who encourages and guides you to achieve your goals, Carla is the person without a doubt!

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Carla is simply AMAZING! Every single training is charged with a great energy and she makes it enjoyable!
    shw puts so much passion in what she does! I strongly recommend her as a personal trainer.

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Carla stands out as trainer and coach!! Not only the classes with her are perfectly prepared but also they are extremely enjoyable!
    By far, the best spinning classes I have had are instructed by her. I have tried her training programs as well and are very efficient.
    I really recommend her services!!

    Rating: 5
  • Avatar

    Carla is a great professional!
    She is always attend to my necessity and keep me motivated. All training programs are different and very well planning, even if you have any problem or lesion, don’t worry she helps you!!

  • Avatar

    Carla is an amazing coach!!! She has encouraged me to start a healthy life and I really feel amazing after every training session with her. I highly recommend her if you want to move your body and have fun at the same time!! 🙂

    Rating: 5