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City Gym – Al Mansoura (Ladies only)


  • Shower Room

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City Gym, Aasim Bin Ali Street, Al Mansoura, Doha, Qatar

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  • Doha

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  • Female Only

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    • English
    • Hindi
    • Filipino

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    Our team members meet with professional training standard.

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    For 3-6 people


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One Review on “City Gym – Al Mansoura (Ladies only)

  • yunicah

    My expectation about your customer service was high but an incident prompted my immediate dissatisfaction to your customer service specially to your staff. It was unfair that me and my friend whom had just started our subtraction and was a new customer was never provided assistance on how to use the equipment’s. Trainers were never helpful, racists and they are always “picking on us” and prioritizing their “friends”. We were treatment unfairly especially when it comes on the time we use cardio equipment. Most of the time, they will ask us to leave even without us finishing our complete routine. Its is unfair because we dont deserve to be treated like that as we pay just like the others.